How we work

iChallenge, who are they?

iChallenge are Michiel, Nathalie and Gaultier who are engaged full-time in organizing Location Based Citygames, also known as interactive city games. The majority of our games are outdoor city games, which always take place outdoors in the open air.In Belgium, but also in the BeNeLux and even beyond through a nice partner network. With the outdoor games you can choose to play with or without iChallenge guidance. We also offer several indoor Virtual Reality Games, where you enter the game environment through Virtual Reality glasses at your own location.We make and operate GPS city games , for every budget, for every target group , according to everyone’s wishes!

Interactive City Games, what are those?

All of our games are digital games that can only be played on a tablet or smartphone. All games are played outdoors, with a few exceptions. So we hit the road and dive into the city, although we can also check the possibilities in other areas of your request. Your position at that outdoor location and the – sometimes literal – steps you take there, are crucial for the course of the game. In some games you are also in constant connection with other teams. So you yourself determine the course of your game.

We have a wide range of interactive city games, where young and old, sporty or less sporty, teambuilding, bachelors and bachelorettes, families and groups of friends will always find a suitable choice.

How does a city game work?

Guided Games <> Non-Guided Games (DIY)

Our games are divided into 2 main categories: Guides Games, and Non-Guided or “Do It Yourself = DIY” games. What is the difference?

Guided games are games where iChallenge takes care of the entire organization of your game. From the moment of your request, we will look together for the most suitable game formula for your team. We take care of the personalized or non-personalized development of your game, in the city of your choice. We provide all the necessary game material, come on site to provide the game explanation and guide the groups during the game, where we provide a fun completion. Afterwards, you will also receive the photos,… taken during the game.

Non-Guided games are standard games that you install and play in advance with a manual, without the assistance of iChallenge, although you can book this extra option. Escape Game Selfplay is currently only available for small groups, in some pre-defined cities.

Practical per game

Guided games Outdoor

For every city game, you must be at least 3 people to play a GPS game. Nevertheless, we recommend at least 6-8 people for an optimal gaming experience. Each game is played in 1 or more teams. In some games the teams have to cooperate and think creatively, in other games the competition is mainly based on a well-developed strategy. We usually recommend teams of 4 to 5 people.

Each game lasts 2 hours, but you need to plan for 3 hours. That extra hour is used for the game and material explanation, the team distribution, the debriefing, the prize-giving, etc. If necessary, we can always shorten the game time. Unfortunately, during a city game, there is no possibility of a break for drinks or food matters.

Our GPS games are available in Dutch, French and English. In some games you can also choose German or a combination of different languages.

We organize GPS city games. This means that each game is played on tablets that are in contact with the internet and the satellite network. As a result, your position can always be determined during the game, which is very important for our games to be able to play the game.
After your reservation, the game leader will wait for you at the agreed location at the agreed time. He will bring all the necessary game equipment. The gamemaster will receive you warmly and will then give you an explanation of the game you chose, in the language you chose.

After it has been checked whether there are any questions, the game leader will start up the playground equipment and also explain the technical explanation of the games.Each team receives a tablet from the game leader on which you will play your chosen game. Don’t worry, our games are very user-friendly! You really don’t need to know anything about technology and tablets to have fun with our games!

While you get to work with your team, the game animator will stay on site to assist you if necessary. When the battle is over and the game is over, gather back with the gamemaster who is only too happy to let you know who won the game! He also collects all the material. In the week after the game you will receive all your photos and sound clips, which are made with some games.

The Target , Operation Freddy and Escape Game.

These are creative, exciting games, which nothing can and should be changed. You do not have to do anything for this after reservation. More information about this game can be found on the page of The Target , Operation Freddy and Escape Game.

PLUS games

After booking you will receive an email from us regarding the personalization of your game. We will send you a questionnaire that you must complete and email back before a certain deadline. Based on that questionnaire, we provide the unique personalization of your PLUS game! Furthermore, you only have to count down to the day of your group activity!

More information about our PLUS games can be found here. Find out everything about Freddy PLUS Bachelors , Freddy PLUS Bachelorettes , Freddy PLUS Teambuilding or Freddy PLUS Celebration.

Tailor-made Games

Depending on the degree of personalization, we will discuss your game by telephone or we will personally visit you to create your game together. Do you have fun city game assignments or GPS game ideas? Then we will work together to make your original GPS game unforgettable!

If you want a unique and stunning game but don’t have the time yourself, we will send you a list of questions to set up your Custom-made game according to your wishes, or you can provide us with a theme within which we can create a luxury game for you. After all, we are buzzing with ideas and assignments for a unique and exciting city game! Unless the game requires otherwise, you don’t have to do anything afterwards!

At Team Me Up we are happy to send you some proposals for questions and assignments, we listen to your proposals and get together if needed.

Guided games Indoor

iChallenge also provides all the necessary equipment for their indoor games. The only thing you’ll have to provide yourself, is an indoor location, where every team can be seated at a table. A few pens and some blank paper are a nice bonus. Furthermore, the game leader of iChallenge will take care of the entire organization of your game. After reservation, we meet at the agreed place and time. You take care of the team division. Once everyone has taken a seat, and yes, you are allowed to provide a snack and drink for your team members, the game leader explains the purpose and use of the game and the material. When everyone is ready, we get started. The team that gets to the goal first will be the big winner!

You can find our guided indoor games, also called VR games, here. La Casa de Dinero is for greedy hands. Those who prefer to solve murders will find what they are looking for in Grand Budapest Hotel. Do you dare to take the challenge?

Non-Guided Games (=Do-It-Yourself Games)

These games have been specially developed to allow you to get out safely in these tough Corona times. These Selfplay Games are therefore completely corona-proof and put your safety first. Nevertheless, we always count on everyone’s common sense and respect for the Golden Rules, while going out!

Our Non-Guided games are games that you can play on your own device (tablet or smartphone) whenever you want, in your own bubble or at a safe distance from your teammates. (Completely corona-proof!). You choose the location from our pre-defined options.

After reserving a game, iChallenge will send you the detailed game description to tease and brief your teammates optimally, and a technical sheet on how to install and play the game. After having received your payment, you will receive your unique game code to start the game.

How many people you can go out with, and how many teams per game are possible, depends on the game you choose. Selfplay Escape Game is especially suitable for small groups. You have 3 hours to play this game, so there is enough time to take a little break during your wel-lay Escape Game. Remember to charge your device and take an extra power bank with you during the game.

Be sure to read all the information you will receive before you get started, so that you can always reach us if you have any questions. After all, there is no guarantee that we will hear the phone if you were to go out at 2 a.m. 😉 If you want assistance during your game, this can be done at an additional cost and we must determine in advance when you will play.

Not quite clear yet? Maybe the FAQ could provide some clarification? Or give us a call or send an email and we will be happy to explain how we work in person!