Our Non-Guided games are games that you can play on your own device (tablet or smartphone) whenever you want, in your own bubble or at a safe distance from your teammates. (Completely corona-proof!). You choose the location from our pre-defined options.

After reserving a game, iChallenge will send you the detailed game description to tease and brief your teammates optimally, and a technical sheet on how to install and play the game. After having received your payment, you will receive your unique game code to start the game.

How many people you can go out with, and how many teams per game are possible, depends on the game you choose. Selfplay Escape Game is especially suitable for small groups. There is no time limit in these games, so there is certainly room for a break, although we do recommend to have extra power banks if you plan to take it easy.
Be sure to read all the information you will receive before you get started, so that you can always reach us if you have any questions. After all, there is no guarantee that we will hear the phone if you were to go out at 2 a.m. 😉 If you want assistance during your game, this can be done at an additional cost and we must determine in advance when you will play.

Patient Zero – Online Escape Room

Are you looking for a teambuilding that you can organize completely corona-proof these days without having to give in on excitement and interaction? Do you want to do something original to organize a family party, or is the desire for a joint quest with friends getting too great? Then iChallenge invites you to throw a virtual wink at “the virus” and take part in the online escape game ‘Patient Zero’; where you as a researcher or patient have to do everything in your power to nip the virus in the bud.

Number of Teamsmax 5 persons/screens per team, multiple teams possible
DurationAverage 60 to 90 min. Longer is possible.
Occasionfamily event, relaxing moment with friends, corona-proof team building
FormulaDIY-game (remote guidance possible for an additional fee)
CitiesWherever you like, indoor


Selfplay Escape Game

Take your smartphone or tablet and get out in 1 or more teams to free 9 hostages from the city of your choice. Dr. Crypto locked them up in the city, and the police forces need you to save their lives! Collect tips as you scan the city, solve riddles, find the codes, free the hostages and become the hero of the day! Are you successful within the given timing? Then an extra reward awaits! Excitement guaranteed in this interactive outdoor escape game! You can already get started by doing some brain training and getting those walking shoes out of the closet!

Number of Teamsmax 5 persons per team, more teams possible
Duration3 hours
OccasionOuting with friends, family trip, fun walk
FormulaNon-Guided DIY Game
CitiesAll predefined larger Belgium cities, other locations on demand

  • For our team building we chose the city game Escape Game. I can only recommend this city game! The game started on time, the puzzles weren’t too easy. Thank you iChallenge!


  • We had a fun afternoon with the family. We can recommend it to everyone! The game is suitable for young and old.


  • It was a very fun team building, we laughed a lot! Accessible for everyone, brings out a lot of creativity in people!