Selfplay Junior Detective – Family Cluedo game

€ 55 per team, € 25 per extra team, max 5 persons per team

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Without iChallenge guidance

You play on your own smartphone or tablet

Families who want some fun

3 hours


Help! Last night a terrible murder happened in the city. The police don’t know what to do, they cannot solve the mystery. They call your help as Junior Detectives to solve this mystery.

Walk through the city, look for hints and find out 3 things about the killer. The police need his first name, last name and the murder weapon. Do you have the answer? Perfect, go to the nearest police station and earn points by giving the correct answer.

At different places in the city you can do photo assignments. That way you help the investigation team unravel the murder. In addition, you earn points when you take a cool group photo!

Do you play in multiple teams? Then you can spy on the other team too! Who knows, maybe they already have more information about the murderer.


You purchase the game to play in 1 team. That team consist preferably of a maximum of 5 people. If you like to play in multiple teams, you can also book for more teams. You choose in which city and when you will play. Each team provides its own tablet or smartphone with 4G connection. If you want to take a break in between, you should also provide a powerbank.

After you made a reservation, you will receive from iChallenge the detailed game description and a technical sheet on how to install the selfplay app. Please read all documents in advance, so you can ask any questions before activating your game code. After all, we cannot guarantee that we will be available by phone if you start playing the game at 2 AM ;).

When we received your payment, you will receive a game code to play the game. This code is active for 3 hours and must be entered in each device. Note: you can only activate the game code once. So don’t do that until each team is ready to play.

After activating the game code, each team will see the city map. The game area is approximately 1 square kilometer. At the start of the game, you still have to discover the game area, it will be colored gray at first. As you walk through the area, symbols (to solve the murder) and coins will appear. How this is practically done, you will certainly find out in the detailed game explanation you receive after booking!

Afterwards, we will send you the pictures you took during the game via a WeTransfer link!

Number of people attending:
max 5 persons per team, more teams possible

Game duration:
3 hours

Price: € 55 for 1 team. Extra teams possible for € 25 per extra team. Max 5 players per team.

Very suitable as:
Families, schools, youth movements