As everyone knows by now, the events sector, including iChallenge, was greatly affected by the entire COVID-19 happening. After all, we organize our activities for small and large groups, and are considered an organizer / event planner of recreational activities. From March 14, 2020 we were therefore forced to stop our supervised activities until further notice, and unfortunately nothing has changed yet. However, the events sector wouldn’t be the events sector if we didn’t adapt to this either.

That’s why iChallenge developed some beautiful un-guided games, which you can play completely independently, in your bubble or alone, and a teambuilding-activity with guidance from a distance! Your safety is still paramount, so we only developed Corona-proof games. So you can certainly play a remote team building, an interactive walk with the family or a challenging game with your friends, without losing sight of the corona rules. Safety First, and fun guaranteed!

Want to know more? On the next page Non-Guided Games (DIY) you can find the full range of Self-play games. About our Teambuilding with remote guidance you will discover all on the page of the game #WalkTogether. And don’t worry, you Do It Yourself, but iChallenge ensures that you know exactly what to do in advance!

Please don’t forget to always respect the Golden Rules for Fighting Corona when you go out!

If you have any questions about this, be sure to contact us! You can still reach us via 0478076679 or!