Patient Zero – Online Escape Room

€45 incl. VAT per team of a maximum of 5 participating 'screens'. Extra teams possible at € 45 incl. VAT per team.

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With or without remote iChallenge guidance

You play on your own laptop or pc (doesn't work on smartphone/tablet)

Everyone in need for some corona-proof fun

+- 90 min


You will have to work together to find the puzzle pieces and crack the codes that can release the anti-poison. Are you finally going to fight the virus?

Patient Zero is an online Escape Room. You play the game alone or with a team of 2 to 5 people, each behind your own laptop or PC, or cozy together in the living room. Hint: if you are not all at the same location, you can communicate with each other with a program such as Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp. Multiple teams can certainly compete against each other!

“Today you started your new job as a researcher at GenoFarma, a BioTech company dealing with exotic diseases. It is very quiet at work because most researchers have been going home with the flu for the past few days. Dr. Schnitzler, your immediate supervisor who would train you today, also just left with a terrible headache. Just when you want to have a look at the patient’s a few rooms away, the alarm will go off and you will receive a message via the intercom system. ”

Will you be able to unravel the secrets behind this mysterious virus and produce a vaccine in time?

PS: if you would like an online escape room, but would rather not think about viruses, we also have other themes available. Be sure to ask for the possibilities!


During the game you explore a building in 3D via an internet browser, which contains various puzzles that you have to solve. If you get stuck, you can ask for a hint every 10 minutes, which will help you further. Note that asking for a hint takes extra minutes, which will be added to your total time.

The main thing in the game is that you have fun, that you know how to find the solution to the game and ultimately also about the total end time. The goal is to find the solution in the shortest possible time. You can play the game with multiple groups against each other and then compare the end times with each other. An average game lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, but of course you get all the time you need.

In this game you play with different roles. Half of your team is researcher and starts in an office. The other half is patient and starts in a hospital bed. To be able to solve the puzzles you have to communicate and cooperate well.

We are all thoroughly tired of it: the quarantine, Corona and all the consequences of the situation on our lives, both personally and professionally.
What if we take ‘virtual’ revenge? In this game you can finally destroy the virus yourself!

Number of people attending:
max 5 persons/screens per team, multiple teams possible

Game duration:
Average 60 to 90 min. Longer is possible.

Great for working remotely with friends, family, colleagues, ... on a common goal! Fun guaranteed!
If desired, iChallenge can guide your game remotely for an additional cost.
A maximum of 10 teams of 5 screens can participate per game.

Very suitable as:
family event, relaxing moment with friends, corona-proof team building