Selfplay Escape Game

€ 55 per team, € 25 per extra team, max 5 persons per team

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Without iChallenge guidance

You play on your own smartphone or tablet

Everyone in need of some fun!

3 hours


In this DIY escape Game you go out in 1 or more teams in the city of your choice. Dr. Crypto, an evil figure, has locked up 9 people on secret locations , threatening to kill them unless you can find them before time runs out. The police cannot handle the search on their own and are calling for your help! Look for puzzling tips, try to put them together to find the answer to a mysterious key code and free the hostages. That is, if you have discovered their secret location! You can earn the ransom that is being demanded. If you free the hostages within the set timing, the wallet will increase. Be careful, since the henchmen of Dr. Crypto are making the city an even unsafer place. Try to shoot them to avoid sharing the ransom pot!


You buy the game to play in 1 team. That team consist preferably of a maximum of 5 people. You can book extra teams. You choose in which city and when you will play. Each team provides its own tablet or smartphone (and also a power bank if you like to take a break in between). After you’ve made a reservation, you will receive from iChallenge the detailed game description and a technical sheet on how to install the Escape Game Selfplay-app. Be sure to read this in advance, so that you can ask any questions before activating your game code. (After all, we cannot guarantee that we will be available by phone if you start playing the game at 2AM;)) After receiving your payment, you will receive a game code to play the game. Note: you can only activate this game code once. So only do that when you really start playing.

Each team will be presented with a city map (the game area is approximately 1 square kilometer). You’ll see all kinds of colored balloons and stars on int when the timing has started. Those are the locations to collect hints, which you will need to crack the codes and riddles of the secret locations. You will certainly find out how this is done in practice in the extensive game instructions that you receive after booking!

Number of people attending:
max 5 persons per team, more teams possible

Game duration:
3 hours

Price: € 55 for 1 team. Extra teams possible for € 25 per extra team. Max 5 players per team.

Very suitable as:
Outing with friends, family trip, fun walk