The Target

€ 22 per person, minimum reservation price € 220 (within Belgium)

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A notorious gangster has just escaped out of prison. His goal is eternal freedom. To reach it, he needs no less than €1.000.000. The gangster can get that money by committing as many (virtual) robberies as possible. But to do that, he must first collect the necessary equipment, which is spread at different locations in the city. He will have to be quick to win this exciting city game.

Three police teams are immediately informed and start the hunt. Every time the gangster picks up an object or commits a robbery, the police receives a notification thanks to the GPS signals. However… every 3 minutes the gangster can also see the location of the police. This way he can quickly put on a bulletproof vest or activate a landmine! Can the police catch the gangster before he has collected €1.000.000?


Action and thrills guaranteed with this active chase game! It’s played in 3 or 4 teams, including 1 gangster team. A fast gangster who collects 1 million euros in a record time? Or a tactical team that knows how to hide from the police? One thing is certain: the police will have to bring their A-game!

This exciting city game in which tactic and speed are the keys to success, is playable for groups from 6 to 20 people and has a fixed start and end location. Do you want to play with a larger group? We can perfectly start multiple Target games simultaneously.

You will have the best game experience when you play the game in 4 teams (1 gangster team and 3 police teams).

Would you like to add something extra to your group outing? We also rent gangster costumes with The Target, to totally immerse into the game!

Do you prefer a quieter game? In that case we recommend the crazy city trail Operation Freddy or the mysterious Escape Game!

Number of people attending:
max. 20 people per game, multiple games at once possible

Game duration:
3 hours per event

Fixed start and end location in each city.
Price within Belgium €22 incl. VAT per person, with a minimum price of €220 incl. VAT per reserved game.

Very suitable as:
Fun activity & Bachelor party