La Casa De Dinero – Virtual Reality Game

€ 35 incl.VAT per person, minimum rate of € 350 incl. VAT per game reservation

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With iChallenge guidance

All the equipment will be provided by iChallenge


1,5 to 2 hours


This VR game was based on the popular Netflix ‘La casa de papel’-series. The professor challenges you to combine all your talents so that you form the perfect team to steal the money from the Rijksmunt. Stress resistance, an eye for detail, team spirit, creativity and speed are just a few of the characteristics that type your group when you start looking for the riddles of “El Profesor” in order to crack the code. Were you able to steal the money? All that’s left is to escape before time runs out … Can your team handle this tension?


This game can be booked for both small and large groups up to 50 people. You play this game in a maximum of 10 teams of 5 people, at a (catering) location of your choice. Per team you receive VR-glasses that need to be passed on within your team,  and attributes that you’ll need to solve all riddles. In each game-level, a different team member can wear the VR glasses. In the virtual world all kinds of hints and tips have to be collected, in order to put them together with the other game attributes you received. This way you have to make your way to the safe, which you hopefully can crack with the code you discovered. After you succeeded in that mission too, al that’s left is for you to escape La Casa before the bomb explodes. We provide all the necessary game material!

Number of people attending:
Max 100 people in 20 teams

Game duration:
At least 1,5 hours – depending on your group - provide 2 hours in your planning

INDOOR-Game, can perfectly be played at your proper location
Pricing within Belgium € 35 incl. VAT per person, minimum rate € 350 incl. VAT per game reservation.

Very suitable as:
Exciting teambuilding