Freddy PLUS: bachelorettes

€ 26 per person, minimum price per reservation € 260 (within Belgium)

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Make your best friend’s bachelorette party extra special with the funny and original city game Freddy Plus: bachelorettes. Hit the town of your choise in 1 or more groups, armed with a tablet! Gnome Freddy will show you the most beautiful places in town and besieges you with the craziest questions and assignments in bachelorette theme. On top of that, you can completely personalize some questions. Already want to practice those puppy-eyes for the first time? Or do you want to be carried in the arms of the most handsome man you stumble upon? In any case, you can always count on Freddy’s comments!

You can personalize up to 7 questions and assignments, to make sure your best friend is completely in the spotlight during the bachelorette activity. Does the bride have an exceptional dance talent, and does she have to dance with a lookalike of her future husband? Or does she lose her head over Ryan Gosling and does she have to take a selfie with him? Do you address the hottest guy in town together, or does the bachelorette have to put her game face on? The choice is yours!

Afterwards you will get the photos and audio recordings of the game. This way you will never forget the bachelorette activity with Freddy!


The difference with the standard Operation Freddy game is that in the standard game all questions and assignments are about the city, whereas in the bachelorette game 1/3 of the questions and assignments are about the city, 1/3 are typical, but not cliché, bachelorette assignments and questions, and 1/3 of the questions are personalized, based on a questionnaire you get after reserving your game. This game has fixed start and end locations for each city.

Would you like to personalize your assignments a little more? Choose the completely personalized Team Me Up. Rather have some more action on your bachelorette party? In that case you can play The Target. Is the bachelorette an ace when it comes to riddles? Then the Escape Game might be something for your group!

Number of people attending:
3 to 800 people

Game duration:
3 hours per event

Fixed start and end location for each city.
Price within Belgium €26 incl. VAT per person with a minimum price of €260 incl. VAT per reserved game

Very suitable as:
Bachelorette party