Team Me Up

€ 35 per person, minimum price per reservation € 350 (within Belgium)

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For large & small groups

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Team Me Up is an interactive city game that we fully customize according to your wishes. You take care of the teams, we take care of everything else! Extremely fun, exciting, relaxing or in Chinese, with Team Me Up it’s all possible!

The basis of the game is that you discover the city in one or more teams. In different places – chosen by us or by you in advance – the teams receive questions, photo, video or audio missions. Do you have a theme in mind? We are happy to make some proposals to work it out completely according to your wishes.

What makes Team Me Up so special is that every question or assignment is customized, so that the game meets your needs from start to finish. Do you want your team to guess the age of the CEO, to sing the anthem of your football club, or to go on a mission in the bachelor’s house? Everything is possible! Do you prefer to select a number of assignments from a list, specific to bachelor(ette) parties, teambuildings or a city? We are happy to help you!


We recommend to play this game in teams of 5 people each. Are you playing in multiple teams? They can enter into a duel to steal each other’s points! Would you like to reward teams for their excellent knowledge of the working area, company or birthday boy or girl? Then you can also personalize these duels!

The location can be chosen as well, provided that there are sufficient roads in the game area. It’s also possible to start the game at point A and finish at point B.

Would you like to develop a game to play several times, for example for your city, company or association? We would be happy to discuss it with you. Please contact us!

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Number of people attending:
3 to 1000 people

Game duration:
3 hours per event

Price within Belgium €35 incl. VAT per person with a minimum price of €350 incl. VAT per reserved game.

Very suitable as:
Teambuilding, special event