Freddy PLUS: celebration

€ 26 per person, minimum price per reservation € 260 (within Belgium)

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Will you soon have a birthday girl/boy in your family or group of friends? Do you want to surprise your parents for their wedding anniversary? Looking for a not too active, but mostly relaxing and funny group activity to put the man of the hour in the spotlight? Then you’ll really love the Freddy PLUS celebration game!

Freddy will challenge you with questions, ask you to take crazy selfies and sing birthday songs in about 15 different places in town. You can personalize up to 7 questions and assignments, making the birthday girl/boy feel really special! Yet the focus in this game won’t only be on the birthday boy, but especially on the sense of community and the social gathering. Afterwards you’ll get all photos and audio recordings, to make merry memories!


This game can be played in 1 or more teams. We recommend teams of 5 people each. Every team gets a tablet to finish their own track. Do you come across another team during this wacky journey through town? Then launch a challenge to steal their hard-earned points.

The difference with the standard Operation Freddy game is that in the standard game all questions and assignments are about the city, whereas in the celebration game 1/3 of the questions and assignments are about the city, 1/3 of the questions and assignments are about the social gathering and parties in general, and 1/3 of the questions are personalized, based on a questionnaire you get after reserving your game. This game has fixed start and end locations for each city.

Do you prefer a GPS game, completely tailored to the man of the hour? We are happy to set up Team Me Up. Rather have an active city game in which you can shoot the birthday girl/boy (virtually)? Then we recommend The Target. Is the birthday girl/boy an ace when it comes to solving riddles? Take the challenge of Dr. Crypto in the Escape Game! Be sure to check out our themed games and city specials!

Number of people attending:
3 to 800 people

Game duration:
3 hours per event

Fixed start and end location in each city.
Price within Belgium €26 incl. VAT per person with a minimum price of €260 incl. VAT per reserved game.

Very suitable as:
Birthday party, mother's day, father's day, retirement celebration,...