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Planning a team building on a cold winter day? Try a VR game!

What if you want to organize a team day on a cold winter day? Did you know that there are several activities you can do indoors and still have a wonderful team building?! For example, you can choose a virtual reality game where cooperation is key. In this blog you van read all about our indoor activities.

Those who know us know that iChallenge is one of the best in organizing outdoor activities. With extra bonus that you discover a city when you play a game with us. Companies, friends, families, students and youth movements are all already playing with our applications connected via GPS and internet. For us the human aspect is very important, that’s why we always offer the option to play our city games with a gaming guide!

We all know that the weather in Belgium is not always top. However, this does not stop most people from playing a city game outside. But we can understand that on a cold rainy day it is less fun to experience an outdoor activity with your colleagues or friends. We have a solution for that! We also have indoor activities: virtual reality games!

How does a VR game work?

It is very easy to play a VR game. You just choose one of our VR games and book it. Each game has a different theme and a different difficulty level. After you booked the game, we provide all the necessary equipment and send a gaming guide to your location. This can be a restaurant, a meeting room in your company building, a house, … For each group we provide VR glasses, various puzzles and in case of our VR game Excalibur also a set-up with monitor through which you can look into the virtual world. Then the gaming guide gives a technical explanation about the VR glasses and the rules of the game. After this, it’s finally time to play the game!

We have a wide arsenal of VR games. For example, we have 2 VR games inspired by a popular Netflix series: La Casa de Dinero and Squad Game. We also have a high-end virtual reality game where the puzzles and layout are next level, if you want this you best choose Excalibur. But in all these games the concept is the same: one person per group puts on the VR glasses and describes what he sees to the rest of the team. Using a controller, this person can move in the virtual world as well as move objects or open things. The other players also have an important task, they have to use the information they get from the person with the glasses to find the right puzzle on the table and solution! Only with good communication and cooperation skills, the teams will succeed in completing the levels. If they can complete a level, they will be asked to pass the VR glasses to another player on their team.


What does the gaming guide do?

During the game the gaming guide is always present. Besides setting everything up at the beginning and giving a (technical) explanation, he also helps the teams through the game. He keeps an eye on the teams and, if necessary gives cryptic tips to help the teams along. Even when there are logistical problems, the gaming guide immediately resolves them. With so many different VR games, it is thus perfectly possible to organize a warm winter team building!

The VR games of iChallenge

Are you curious which VR games we all have? In this paragraph hoe find a list of some of our most played virtual escape games. First of all, we have La Casa de Dinero: El Professor challenges your team to steal as much money from the national Munt as fast as possible! You step into the shoes of Rio, Denver or even Nairobi and go through each level looking for clues to solve the riddles. Squad Game, as mentioned earlier, is based on the popular Netflix series Squit Game. As in the series, your team will be challenged to complete a series of mini-games. For example, you will have to play the popular “red light, green light” game and even have to walk across the famous glass bridge. Thankfully, during our VR game you can only lose a virtual life! 😉


Maybe you want to play a different, high-end next-level game? Then we Propose our game Excalibur! During this game your team must free the sword Excalibur from the stone as fast as possible. Before you can do this, you will be dropped into a virtual castle where you need to solve riddles in different rooms. If you manage to do this, you will receive keys as a reward. When you collected all the keys, you can start the grand finale: free Excalibur. In this VR game, cooperation is crucial. A detailed description of what you see in the VR glasses combined with attentive team members at the table is an asset that can save you a lot of time.

With this link you can view all our virtual reality games: indoor VR games iChallenge. Do you still feel like playing a city game, then you can discover everything via this link: outdoor city games iChallenge.

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  • For our team building we chose the city game Escape Game. I can only recommend this city game! The game started on time, the puzzles weren’t too easy. Thank you iChallenge!


  • We played The Target in Veurne with a group of 10 people. With the four tablets: all teams could be the gangster once and police three times. We really enjoyed the game.


  • It was a very fun team building, we laughed a lot! Accessible for everyone, brings out a lot of creativity in people!


  • We had a fun afternoon with the family. We can recommend it to everyone! The game is suitable for young and old.


  • We had an incredible time and laughed a lot, it was a very fun team building activity! Accessible for all, brings out a lot of creativity in people.


  • What a fun, active and challenging activity. The game was simple but also exciting, many colleagues showed their winner’s mentality. Highly recommended to play to get to know each other better in a different way!