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Choose a unique Christmas gift, give an iChallenge moment!

Still looking for an original Christmas gift? Let’s give an iChallenge moment to your loved ones!

Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree


6 December is over and now we can officially countdown to Christmas. The busy shopping streets are decorated with lights and from time to time we see a climbing santa claus as decoration. But the Christmas period also means giving presents to your loved ones. Do you want to be more original this year and give something else than a pair of socks? We’ve got you covered! What do you think about giving an iChallenge moment? Together with your family or friends you can play a city game and have a great time!


Better together


We all know, last year was a special year. That devilish virus put a stop to everything that meant “being together”. But let’s focus on something else! For example, the people we think about when we hear the words “being together”. When we hear them, we think about family, friends, colleagues and neighbours. The people around us that we want to spend the holidays with.


Enjoy the moments together


If there is one thing we’ve learned the past period, it is to enjoy the little moments together. iChallenge can help you to bring your loved ones together. Choose an original gift this Christmas and surprise your loved ones with an “iChallenge moment”. An exciting adventure in a city of your choice. Choose your favorite game (indoor or outdoor game) and bring your friends, family, neighbours or colleagues together.  You can go as big as you want, because you can play our games from 3 – 1000 players! That’s not all, you can even customize the games. Do you want to celebrate your sister’s birthday? Or do you want to thank your parents for bringing soup every day when you were in quarantine? It’s all possible! For people who love the Christmas period as much as we do, we’ve got good news! You can also play a city game in Christmas theme! Ho Ho Holy guacamole!


Choose a unique gift this year and give an iChallenge moment to your loved ones!

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  • What a fun, active and challenging activity. The game was simple but also exciting, many colleagues showed their winner’s mentality. Highly recommended to play to get to know each other better in a different way!


  • We had a fun afternoon with the family. We can recommend it to everyone! The game is suitable for young and old.


  • It was a very fun team building, we laughed a lot! Accessible for everyone, brings out a lot of creativity in people!


  • We had an incredible time and laughed a lot, it was a very fun team building activity! Accessible for all, brings out a lot of creativity in people.


  • We played The Target in Veurne with a group of 10 people. With the four tablets: all teams could be the gangster once and police three times. We really enjoyed the game.


  • For our team building we chose the city game Escape Game. I can only recommend this city game! The game started on time, the puzzles weren’t too easy. Thank you iChallenge!