The Target

A notorious gangster has just escaped out of prison. His goal is eternal freedom. To reach it, he needs no less than €1.000.000. The gangster can get that money by committing as many (virtual) robberies as possible. But to do that, he must first collect the necessary equipment, which is spread at different locations in the city. He will have to be quick to win this exciting city game, while the police is already onto him…

Number of Teamsmax. 20 people per game, multiple games at once possible
Duration3 hours per event
OccasionFun activity & Bachelor party
CitiesGhent, Bruges, Antwerp, Kortrijk, …

  • Despite the freezing cold, the class really enjoyed it! Thanks!

    Stephanie (2/3/2018)

  • We all found the game a great success! It’s also cool how you’ve made the adjustment based on those questions, nicely done.

    Philip (13/3/2018)

  • Thank you very much! I received a lot of positive feedback from the group about the game.

    Delphine (20/4/2018)