Customized special events

Getting your guests to the party location in an original way? A tour around your company site, from warehouse to warehouse? Take a bachelor(ette) on a trail along the best spots of his or her life? With the customized GPS game Team Me Up you can choose your own course, questions and assignments! We listen to your ideas, make some proposals and ensure that the game meets all your wishes! In CodeCrackers we can also tailor a part, for example looking for the secret location of a retirement celebration, surprise party or premiere! At the bottom you can already find some ideas that we worked out for other players!

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For all special occasions, teambuildings that can be just that extra special, unique retirement celebrations, original company presentations, premieres, … we like to work out a city game! You choose a theme, the location and the language, we take care of the rest! Depending on your ideas and wishes, we would like to have a meeting with you to develop your customized game.

Team Me Up is an interactive city game in which your teams take a course through the city, the company site,… while on the road they have to bring questions and assignments to a good end. Extremely funny, exciting, relaxing or in Chinese, with Team Me Up it’s all possible! Every question or assignment can be tailored, so that the game meets your needs from start to finish! Want to develop a game to play (or to have played) several times? We would be happy to discuss that as well!

For instance, a number of enthusiastic customers discovered the Botanic Garden of Meise, where they went looking for the Titan Arum along the beautiful hiking trails. In Pairi Daiza we created an interactive family day along the pandas, gorillas and other natural wonders, a cheerful day for all ages, young and old! James Bond has been one of our themes as well and we now know everything about the Twenties. H&M played a unique Mafia game and sold all earned (fictitious) pennies in the Casino afterwards. And were you already aware of the genuine underwater world located in Turnhout? In short, if you want to discover an existing or new location in the most original theme you can think of, Team Me Up is the game you are looking for! Feel free to share your ideas with us!

Prefer a mysterious storyline during your event? Then CodeCrackers might be something for you! Your group searches the secret location of an object in teams. If desired, you can choose the final location yourself (although the participants of the city game can’t know it of course!). At the final location we need some time for the second part of the mysterious city game: cracking the code.

Do you prefer a city game that is already finished, but where you still have your own input? Then we can recommend Freddy PLUS: bachelorettes, bachelors, teambuilding or celebration!

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