Bachelorette 2023 ‘t Eilandje Antwerp

Tailor-made game for the bride-to-be

A combination of relaxation and celebration of bachelorette life.

Is one of your friends planning a wedding soon? Then you can surprise this person with a city game all about him or her!

in the summer of 2023, a group of close friends had the brilliant idea to surprise one of their friends with a customized city game entirely dedicated to her and her wedding. 

One of the requirements was that the game needed to be longer than standard, we decided to set it at 3 hours instead of 2 hours. Another requirement was that there needed to be some fixed stops so they could have a drink. And the last requirement was that the bride to be was central in the game. With other words: all questions and missions had to be about the bride.

We scheduled a video meeting, in which we explained what we could do and to discuss the wishes of the client. We came to the decision to have the city game in the trendy neighborhood ’t eilandje in Antwerp. To help the group of friends with information for the questions and missions, we sent them our standard questionnaire for a bachelor game. From this document they got inspiration to compose their own questions and assignments. Each assignment was provided with a personalized photo of the bride. At the end of the game they received via mail all the pictures they took dring their game, a beautiful memory of a unique day!

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