iChallenge goes to Zürich

“Hey iChallenge, can you also create a custom made game to play in Zürich?”

In 2023 during the summer holiday, we traveled to Zürich (Switzerland) for a customized city game. The client wanted is to be a mix of tourist hotspots and personal missions and questions. 

We started at Grossmünster and there was already the first mission. The Grossmünster church has a special legend. Namely, the church was built on the graves of the city patron saints Felix and Regula. They were decapitated for not carrying out a certain order. According to the legend, these two miraculously stood back up after being decapitated. They took their heads in their hands and then still walked 40 stept up the mountain. At that place they prayed and finally fell (back) to the ground. This is the spot where the church was built, in fact it’s a “holy” spot.

We also created some special missions. For example, the participants could stop in a chocolate shop and were treated with a special piece of chocolate. Another special mission took place in Teddy’s Souvenir shop. This store was full stacked with cuckoo clocks. For the mission here, we took some inspiration from one of the episodes from “De Mol”. It was e very easy mission, find the exact cuckoo clock from the pictures of your tablet in the shop and take a teampicture with it! Some groups found it right away and others needed a little more time to do so. In the end, each team completed all the tasks and we provided for each time a price.

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