Team building for Bent

Started in the botanical gardens an ended the game at the grand place!

At the end of the summer vacation of 2023 we had organized a nice city game. Brand shoe store BENT asked us to create a customized city game in Brussels with the following elements: different starting and end point, tour through Brussels with the lesser known hotspots, team building missions, missions about the company and employees and a prize for the winners.

We started at the Botanical Gardens and ended at our usual place in Brussels: The Grand Place. During the route the participants passed among others: the Monnaie, the Brouckère, Jeanneke Pis and the Queen’s Gallery. Throughout the game, the BENT employees were given various questions and missions about their company. For example, they had to take a group photo in which they walked like real models on the catwalk, they had to dress one team member in red and another in black (company colors), they had to guess how many pairs of shoes they would have sold in 2022 and they had to look for a lookalike of their boss. In the morning, employees had the chance to find out what color type they were. Were they a spring – summer – fall or winter type? As a nice extra we incorporated this into the game where they had to demonstrate their type in a teampicture.

When everyone completed all the missions, the winners received a prize. We provided a unique box of summer chocolates for them!

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