Unique team building day for SCK CEN

We organized another TMU in September, now in the woods!

In September we had another customized game planned, this time for the Belgian nuclear research center (SCK CEN). They wanted their team building to take place in a nearby forest. This is a more difficult location, but of course no challenge is too difficult for iChallenge.

So we headed to the woods of Mol to organize a game for the research center. On the schedule was a fully customized game with questions and missions about team building and questions and missions about the company and its history. This resulted in some funny team photos that the group all received digitally after the game as well. Below you can catch a small glimpse of this unique day.

Because different nationalities work in the research center, the working language in the company is English. We extended this for the game and the guidance of the team me up. The game and the explanations were therefore entirely in English. 

In the end, everyone enjoyed the game and the participants were happy that the game took place in a cool forest. After all, it was extremely hot on that summer September day.

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