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Tested and approved: the Escape Game

Some have already noticed, others didn’t, but the new year has a lot of novelties in store for iChallenge! Besides our new website (yay!), new logo and the new house style we also have… [drum roll] a brand new city game for you: the one and only Escape Game! In this game Dr. Crypto locked up several hostages in the city. An unfortunate fate awaits them… unless you can save them from the clutches of Dr. Crypto!

Every hostage imprisoned in the city is connected to a network of riddles in a certain color. By solving those puzzles and riddles, you gather – without knowing – tips to free the hostage. We already tested the game ourselves in Antwerp. We immediately came up against a blue riddle, which made all other blue puzzles and the location of the hostage emerge. Our goal? Complete all blue puzzles within fifteen minutes to make a generous amount of money by liberating our first hostage. And yes, we did try it out, but you really need to solve all the riddles before you can free the hostage! (And did we try it more than once before we came to that conclusion? Perhaps…)

While Michiel operated the tablet, Marjoke and I were busy discussing the solutions of the riddles as fast as we could. It was quite stressful, because everything had to be finished in time! 15 minutes seemed quite doable, until Michiel accidentally led our team to a mistaken pink hint, so the time to free the pink hostage also started running, while we weren’t even finished with the blue one!

Fortunately, Marjoke knows the city center of Antwerp like the back of her hand, allowing us to finish everything just in time and even shoot 2 henchmen that suddenly appeared! Were we able to release all hostages in time? We won’t reveal that ;). In any case, it was an exciting battle against time, which – luckily for Michiel – wasn’t fought in a claustrophobic escape room, but nicely outside in the city center.

Our conclusion: after playing and having a really good time, we immediately decided to enter into collaboration and offer you the mysterious riddles and unprecedented puzzles in this live escape game! Experience the excitement of escaping and rescuing in this Escape Game and catch some rays in between! That and so much more, are the strongest assets of this super exciting, unique and unparalleled escape city game!

I wouldn’t mind playing along once more!


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  • We had an incredible time and laughed a lot, it was a very fun team building activity! Accessible for all, brings out a lot of creativity in people.


  • For our team building we chose the city game Escape Game. I can only recommend this city game! The game started on time, the puzzles weren’t too easy. Thank you iChallenge!


  • We played The Target in Veurne with a group of 10 people. With the four tablets: all teams could be the gangster once and police three times. We really enjoyed the game.


  • We had a fun afternoon with the family. We can recommend it to everyone! The game is suitable for young and old.


  • It was a very fun team building, we laughed a lot! Accessible for everyone, brings out a lot of creativity in people!


  • What a fun, active and challenging activity. The game was simple but also exciting, many colleagues showed their winner’s mentality. Highly recommended to play to get to know each other better in a different way!