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Team up and build trust: teambuilding to the rescue!

“Teambuilding”. To us it particularly evokes the memory of a screaming Marjoke behind the wheel during the slip course. To us it is by no means an obligatory day in which lots of working hours are being wasted. And so will some colleagues in your company also look forward to a day of free entertainment. Other employees might report sick by default and some might be looking forward to hang out with their colleagues out of the workplace. But the essence often gets lost.

Teambuilding: the word says it all, building the team. Because that’s still the goal of this activity. Strengthening the group spirit, building trust in your colleagues, thinking “we” instead of “me and you”, learning how to work together, working on communication. That’s the reason your (whether or not beloved) manager sets up a  teambuilding day. Whether it’s a teambuilding for companies or a teambuilding outing for the staff party, the purpose of this kind of group activity is to talk to each other outside the standard setting, instead of talking about each other at the coffee corner.

Get to know each other, discover another side of ‘the one from corridor 3’. The silent bookkeeper may turn out to be a funny group puller. Your commercial talent may prefer to stay in the background in a group? Organizing such a teambuilding can bring out nice features of yourself and your colleagues! For an optimal result we advise you to step out of your familiar environment and give the group the chance to work together on a goal unrelated to their daily activities.

In this way they learn to cooperate, to think strategically, their creativity is encouraged and they develop strategic skills, giving benefit to the group feeling. This can work perfectly with the whole group together, but know that you’ll get much more input from everyone when you work in smaller teams! Moreover, when classifying the teams you can make surprising choices, to get the creative brain to also listen to the stories of the administrative centipede and vice versa. Make the puzzle and consider: does your team need some external reinforcement to organize a teambuilding? Consider a fun, relaxing and group-promoting teambuilding activity where collaboration is central! Don’t immediately know what to do for your teambuilding? We’ll help you get started with some of our teambuilding activities. Bring your staff party to a higher level with an exciting city game and give all colleagues an unforgettable day!

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  • What a fun, active and challenging activity. The game was simple but also exciting, many colleagues showed their winner’s mentality. Highly recommended to play to get to know each other better in a different way!


  • For our team building we chose the city game Escape Game. I can only recommend this city game! The game started on time, the puzzles weren’t too easy. Thank you iChallenge!


  • We had a fun afternoon with the family. We can recommend it to everyone! The game is suitable for young and old.


  • We played The Target in Veurne with a group of 10 people. With the four tablets: all teams could be the gangster once and police three times. We really enjoyed the game.


  • We had an incredible time and laughed a lot, it was a very fun team building activity! Accessible for all, brings out a lot of creativity in people.


  • It was a very fun team building, we laughed a lot! Accessible for everyone, brings out a lot of creativity in people!