€ 26 per person, minimum price per reservation € 260 (within Belgium)

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In the interactive city game Settlers you compete against other teams and face the challenge of collecting as many points as possible. Each team starts with a village and 2 adjoining streets, for which you already get one point! Afterwards you have to look for resources to build streets, villages and cities. You find these resources by walking around in the city and exploring the map. Every time you build a street next to a resource you automatically get this resource during the game.

To build a village you need some specific resources. Once you build a village, you can upgrade it to a city. A city is worth more points.

But beware, because the other teams can destroy your cities with their knights. Also, there are several robbers walking around the city, they make sure that you don’t get certain resources anymore. With your own knight you can do 3 things: defeat robbers, attack other knights and destroy cities of other teams.


This exciting city game is playable from 10 people, up to a maximum of 800 people. Per team you will get several tablets to play the game. We recommend playing in teams of 6 people. At a fixed starting location in a city of your choice, a professional gaming guide will explain the game and give you the tablets. This person will stay close to the starting location during the game.

After 2 hours the game ends and you return to the starting location. The gaming guide will wait for you there.

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Number of people attending:
3 to 800 people

Game duration:
3 hours per event

Fixed start and end location for each city.
Price within Belgium €26 incl. VAT per person, with a minimum price of €260 incl. VAT per registered game.

Very suitable as:
Fun activity & team building & bachelor(ette)