A city game in Schengen? It’s possible! You can opt for a standard city game The Target, Operation Freddy or Escape Game. Or choose a game, specially personalized for your bachelor or bachelorette party, teambuilding or to celebrate someone important! Or go for a fully tailored GPS game in Schengen with Team Me Up.

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Make Schengen a crime scene where you chase gangsters in the exciting city game The Target! Would you prefer a more relaxed group activity in Schengen ? Then go for the GPS game Operation Freddy. Would you like to do an escape room in Schengen , but do you prefer an outdoor activity? The Escape Game is the ideal combination of riddles and puzzles and a GPS city game!

Would you like to organize a bachelor party in Schengen? Then you can choose our Freddy Plus: bachelors or bachelorettes in Schengen! A funny group activity full of silly tasks!

We also offer a teambuilding in Schengen! Personalize some questions with Freddy Plus: teambuilding and give your employees the most original company outing!

A birthday party in Schengen for adults? Celebrating mother’s day in the city? Adding a city game to a retirement celebration? For these occasions we offer the Freddy Plus: celebration game!

For a fully customized city game in Schengen, you can opt for Team Me Up, where teams hit town and have to successfully complete questions and assignments – fully adapted to your wishes!

Want to start playing right away? Book or request a quote! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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