Annual Halloween game for Veurne

More than 600 participants took part in the interactive Halloween game in Veurne.

Every year in Veurne, you can do a Halloween activity at the end of October. They asked iChallenge to create a customized city game in Halloween theme.

During the afternoon and evening, families could participate with their children in this child-friendly Halloween game. At different locations, the families had to complete missions and answer questions which were given by Freddy. For example, they had to imitate wolf sounds on top of a mountain and take an augmented reality picture in which it looked like they had a witch’s nose.

As a reward for their creative photos and audio recordings, the participants received different drinks and snacks during the game. The route was completely customized and the tasks were created by iChallenge. In total, we guided 600 people during this fun Halloween game!

Halloween citygame Veurne Halloween citygame Veurne Halloween citygame Veurne Halloween citygame Veurne

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