Standard version: € 20 incl. VAT/PP, Personalized version: € 25 incl.VAT/PP

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DIY or with remote iChallenge guidance

You play on your own smartphone or tablet


2 to 3 hours or 1 week


Divide your colleagues into teams and choose a team captain per team: together you individually compete with the other teams. Every colleague is free to choose his game area: do you like to go to the forest, do you like to explore the city center or do you like to stay in your homely neighborhood? It doesn’t matter at all! What you do have to do is walk! Every 400m you walk, opens a whole series of questions. With each correct answer, your team score will go up and you will collect extra hints for your team captain, who can take the team score to an even higher level!

You  and your teammates play against the other teams. Each team consists of a number of participants and 1 team captain. Everyone taking up the challenge plays the game individually.

You can choose to all go out together within the same time frame of 2 to 3 hours, or to give the participants 1 week to go outside when it suits him / her best, on his / her own speed. The team that entered the highest score at the end of the game period wins! You earn points by successfully completing questions and assignments.


A participant receives a virtual badge for every 400m covered distance. With this badge, the participant can unlock 5 questions or assignments. Afterwards, he / she has to walk another 400m to receive a new badge and to be able to answer new questions and assignments. Some questions and assignments, will bring the participant extra hints: the team captain can use these to unlock even more difficult questions. These are worth more points, but also require a few extra meters walking distance! Fortunately, there are the hints from the participants to ease the captain’s task!

If you desire assistance (recommended for large groups), we provide an extensive remote game explanation -completely corona proof, before the start of your game! We guide everyone through the basics of the game, after which you individually start with this relaxing, exciting activity!

Feel like getting started? Make sure that each participant has a fully charged smartphone / tablet with GPS and data connection. 24 hours before the start of the game, each participant receives a unique QR code: by scanning it, the participant ends up in the right game and in the right team! For fun, create a Whats-app or Messenger group with your team members, like that you can also centralize all the hints. Come out and play! 3, 2, 1… GO!

Number of people attending:
max 7 persons per team, more teams possible

Game duration:
2 to 3 hours or 1 week

Available in a standard version or in a personalized custom version.
Can be done within a fixed time frame or spread over 1 week.
With or without remote iChallenge guidance.
Standard version: € 20 incl. VAT per person with a minimum rate of € 200 incl. VAT per reserved game.
Personalized version: € 25 incl. VAT per person with a minimum rate of € 250 incl. VAT per reserved game.

Very suitable as:
Exciting teambuilding coronaproof