The Reality Experience – Run a business with your team

Price on demand.

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During The Reality Experience you are going to make a company. This needs to be profitable, not as easy as it looks!

In the game The Reality Experience, people are given the opportunity to experiment with different ways of communicating and responding. During various moments of reflection, we zoom in on the things that need extra attention. You will immediately see the impact of the communication between the different team members. Teamwork, motivation, leadership, dealing with quick changes are just some of the skills that are addressed during this challenging game.


During The Reality Experience, you and your team must start a business and earn money. To do this, each team member will be given a specific role. For example, there are people who will move around the area to find money, members who must guide the money finders to the money location and members who can earn extra points by completing assignments. Each role is important; only through good communication and cooperation you can make your business profitable.

Number of people attending:
max. 8 pers. per team, multiple teams possible at the same time

Game duration:
4 hours

Price on demand.
Game duration is customizable.
Perfect to combine with coaching or training.
Game to be booked via request.

Very suitable as:
Team building