We’ve got good news! You can still play all our citygames with or without a game supervisor. Below you can read more about the new Covid-19 regulations and what measures iChallenge will take.

As of November 20 2021, new rules apply for the event sector:

The following conditions apply:

  • It is not mandatory to wear a face mask during a citygame of iChallenge. We do recommend to wear a mask during the explanation in group.
  • Combination of scanning the Covid Safe Ticket and wearing a face mask is only mandatory if the group is larger than 100 persons outside or larger than 50 persons inside.
  • All our guided games take place outside, therefor a good ait circulation is always guaranteed.
  • Do you want to take some extra safety measures for your group? Let us know which ones and we will take them into account!

What (extra) safety measures does iChallenge take?

iChallenge thinks about your health and takes several precautions to prevent a lockdown. We base ourselves on the protocols of Tourism Flanders (source: Click here). Below you can read which measures iChallenge takes.

  • All our gaming guides will wear a face mask during the entire game and will keep 1.5 m distance from your group.
  • We will sanitize all the tablets and cards after each game.

Selfplay games and playing abroad:

You can still book a DIY-game. You play a non-guided game individually or in group, safely at your home or at a location of your choice. All information about these games can be found on our DIY-page.

You can also play a game outside Belgium, if the rules of that country allow it. Contact us if you have any questions about it.

Last but not least: you can do a teambuilding during that one day you can see your colleagues at the office. Is it not possible? Don’t cancel your game but search for another date to come and enjoy our citygames! Thank you for your cinfidence in iChallenge and we hope to see you very soon!

If you have any questions about this, be sure to contact us! You can still reach us via 0478076679 or!