Strip club +18 – Virtual Reality Escape Game

€ 35 incl. VAT per person, minimum rate of € 350 incl. VAT per game reservation

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With iChallenge guidance

All the equipment will be provided by iChallenge

Friends, bachelor parties

1,5 to 2 hours


“Help! The bachelor disappeared, he was last seen at the strip club.” Imagine to start you bachelor party with this news. The police are desperate because they find no trace to the bachelor.

They ask your team for help to unravel the disappearance. Together with your team you will have to search for clues to find the bachelor. By reconstructing the past night you will find answers and can save the bachelor. To do this, you have to go to the strip club. Step inside the club, find the hints, find the bachelor and find out what happened before it’s too late…


This VR game can be booked for both small and large groups of up to 100 persons. Perfect for a bachelor party of a group of friends. You play this game in team of 5 people in a (catering) location of your choice. Per team you will receive VR glasses and props to play the game.

In each level, another team member can wear the VR glasses. In the virtual world all kinds of hints and tips must be collected. You put these together with the other game attributes and unravel the mystery. Only through good communication and solving the various puzzles you can save the bachelor.

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Number of people attending:
max 100 people in 20 teams

Game duration:
At least 1,5 hours – depending on your group – provide 2 hours in your planning

INDOOR game, can perfectly be played at your proper location.
Pricing within Belgium €35 incl. VAT per person, minimum rate € 350 incl. VAT per game reservation.

Very suitable as:
Exciting bachelor party