Narcos – Reveal the criminals and save the city

€55 incl. VAT per team, € 25 incl. VATper extra team, max 5 persons per team.

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Without iChallenge guidance

You play on your own smartphone or tablet

Everyone in need of some fun!

3 hours


During this DIY game you choose the city of your choice and in how many teams you play. Carlos E., the dangerous drug criminal, and his cartel have moved to your neighborhood. All citizens must move under duress of the cartel. If they do not do, it will cost them their life. The police asks for your help to expose the criminals. Only this way the citizens can return to their homes.

Find the puzzles, solve them and reveal the drug cartel. Give the right answers within the set timing, that way you can earn money and save the neighborhood!


First you need to book the game, if you want to play Narcos. Choose your team, maximum 5 persons per team and choose the city where you want to play it in. Each team provides their own tablet or smartphone (and preferably a power bank ik you like to take a break in between).

After booking you receive from iChallenge the detailed game description and a technical sheet on how to install the game application. Be sure to read these in advance so that you can ask any questions before activating your game code. (After all, we can’t guarantee that we can be reached by phone ik you start playing the game at 2 am 😉 ). Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive a game code to play the game. Note: you can only activate this game code once. So do that only when you actually start playing. The code is valid for 3 hours after activation.


Each team sees the map of the city, the game area is approximately 1 square kilometer. On the map you will see 19 different yellow circles, this is round 1. These are the puzzles you have to solve to reveal the cartel and get them out of the city. How that happens specifically, you will certainly find out in the detailes game explanation that you will receive after booking!

Number of people attending:
max 5 persons per team, more teams possible

Game duration:
3 hours

Price: € 55 for 1 team. Extra teams possible for € 25 per extra team. Max 5 players per team.

Very suitable as:
Outing with friends, family trip, fun walk