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Codecrackers is the game for a mysterious group outing. A dangerous gang of thieves stole an indispensable object – which you can choose yourself – from your office, house or pub. A detective was immediately called in, but gets threatened by the gang. That’s why he left several hints throughout the city. Your team will look for the hints of the detective, in order to find the location of the stolen object.

Caution! The gang has also attached a bomb to the stolen object. Decipher the instructions to crack the code, and be careful not to be misled! Only by acting quickly as a team, thinking carefully and working together, can you succeed in your mission…


This game is played in groups of about 5 people. During the first part of the game, the groups will look for hints that lead to the secret location or hints to crack the code. When the location is found by all teams, the second part of the game begins: to crack the code. This can be accompanied by a drink.

We are happy to adjust the scenario to have a stolen object fully in line with your company, association or group of friends. Is your team looking for the stolen award of your company? Did the building plans of the new office get lost? Has your favorite bartender lost his bottle opener? Send your teams out and find the secret location in the city. Crack the code and become the hero of the day!

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Number of people attending:
3 to 1000 people

Game duration:
3 hours per event

Price within Belgium €35 incl. VAT per person with a minimum price of €350 incl. VAT per reserved game.

Very suitable as:
Teambuilding, special event, friends outing