Bachelor or bachelorette party

Are you organizing a bachelor(ette) party? Would you like to do an activity in the typical bachelor(ette) atmosphere, but with original assignments? It’s possible with our Freddy Plus: bachelors or bachelorettes game. In this game you discover the city with a tablet and you get several questions and assignments. You can also personalize some assignments, to make the bachelor(ette) feel extra special during your bachelor(ette) party!

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Are you organizing a bachelor(ette) party? Then you’ve come to the right place at iChallenge! Our GPS city games are ideal for your bachelor(ette) party!

Is the bachelor(ette) a sporty lady or gentleman and would you like to play an exciting city game in which action and strategy are important? Hunt the bachelor(ette) in 2 or 3 police teams in The Target, and experience an exciting bachelor activity!

Do you prefer a relaxing bachelor(ette) trip with several assignments? Then Freddy PLUS: bachelors or bachelorettes might be something for you! We organize a city game for your bachelor(ette) party where 1/3 of the questions and assignments are about the city, 1/3 are typical, yet original bachelor(ette) assignments and 1/3 is personalized for the bride or groom. During the bachelor(ette) game you make photos and audio recordings that we send you afterwards by mail. This will make it a bachelor(ette) trip to never forget!

Do you already have ideas for your bachelor(ette) party? Do you want a game completely dedicated to the bachelor(ette), or do you have some unique locations in mind? You can play our fully customized game Team Me Up, in which we create your unique game.

For a mysterious bachelor(ette) party, you can opt for CodeCrackers. In this game, you search for the secret location of a stolen object in 1 or more teams. You can choose the object yourself! Afterwards you can enjoy a drink together with the guys or girls while you play the second part of the game: cracking the code.



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